Rather go your own way?

There is so much to see in New Zealand that you might want to find a route that we have not thought about yet. As we want you to have the most perfect holiday we offer you a customised tour. If you choose this tour option, we will closely work together with you. That way, we can model the tour according to your personal wishes and expectations.

With choosing a Customised Tour everything is possible!


Not sure where to stay, or don’t have the time to book your accommodation? Let us help you with that. We can talk about your budget and the type of accommodation you are after and book it all for you!


So which places do I want to see?
As well as booking your accommodation we will guide you in planning your route to ensure you experience a mix of our Themed Highways and off the beat track roads.

On The Road

So that you won’t get lost, we will set up your custom route on a fully programmed GPS device attached to your motorbikes front panel.

So let’s get started!

A customised tour sounds great to you? Go for it.

Contact us for Questions or book a Tour now