Your Packing List - Know What To Bring

To avoid this classic moment of “Bugger, I forgot my…”, we listed some things that you will definitely need on your motorcycle trip! Use this as a basic checklist for what to bring.

Electronic Devices:


Use it as a camera, a portable communication device, and for if something goes wrong. Before You leave, make sure you know the number of the emergency services where you’re headed, and store it in your phone.

Battery Charger, Spare Battery

There are tons of power packs available that will give your phone a top up. Additionally, if your bike has a 12v charger socket, buy a USB charger and a cable. Then, you’ll be able to charge your phone while driving. Loosely zip tie the cable to the handlebars so it doesn’t flap around too much.

Important Documents:

Cash, Credit Card

Grab some local currency for buying drinks and snacks away from major routes, and use a debit or credit card for fueling up and tolls.


Yeah, you’ll need it. Don’t forget it.

Drivers License

It is essential to have a Full Driver’s License to drive a motorcycle on New Zealand’s roads. An International Driver’s License or an appropriate/professional translation is necessary as well.

Insurance Documents

Motorcycle insurance documents are essential in some countries.

Old Fashioned Paper Map

In case your phone or sattelite navigation inevitably dies.

Personal Things:


Yes, you need other clothes, and jeans, shorts etc. But you should know what to bring. And pants, don’t forget pants. Flip flops – nothing like a flip-flop when you’ve been on a bike all day and want your feet to breathe again! All down to personal choice, and, of course, if your mates can handle the sight of your furry man toes.

Toiletries, Toilet Paper

For when you’re caught short. You never know.

Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mat

If you’re planning to do a camping trip, bring the necessary equipment!

Plastic Carrier Bags

For dirty washing, or wearing on your feet when it rains.

Ear Plugs

Save your hearing, wear soft foam ear plugs, and make sure you bring at least three pairs as they will get dirty, or you will drop/lose a pair.

Glasses/Visor cleaner

Cleaning cloth and a small bottler of glasses cleaner, to tuck in your pannier bag.

First Aid Kit

For the bare essentials, from eye cleaner, plasters, mosquito stings etc.

But most of all:

A Sense of Adventure!

Travelling on a motorcycle alone or with friends and having new
experience is one of the most enlightening things you can do. Enjoy it,
savour the experience, obey the speed limits, and most of all, ride