Ride with NZ Motorbikes. Each day brings a new view and a new event!

New Zealand hosts world-class events from motorcycle events, sports to cultural to food. Whatever your passion you won’t be disappointed with what is on offer. Below is a list of top event categories for you to add to your itinerary.

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Motorcycle Rally Events

There are so many Motorcycle Rallies in New Zealand – its definitely worth checking out if you can schedule one into your itinerary. Often accommodation gets booked up, so it pays to book early, or grab one of our Camping Packages with your bike hire, so you can pitch a tent at the event or nearby!

It sure is a big deal that the GS Trophy 2020 is being held in New Zealand! New Zealand is enduro fun every step of the way! You see, it’s not just the perfect backdrop for famous fantasy films, it’s also the ideal terrain for the International GS Trophy 2020. When you watch this video, you will get a taste of what is on offer in New Zealand. Rainforest meets glaciers, stepp-like flora meets subtropical flora. The island is characterised by high plateaus and mountain peaks with heights of well over 3000 meters as well as fjord landscapes, countless uplands and woodlands – the best conditions for exciting trails and gruelling challenges.

Grab a taste of what its like to be part of the GS Trophy, by joining our 10 Day High Country Tour! Visit New Zealand Motorcycle Tours


Other Events in New Zealand

All year round. New Zealander’s love sport! Almost every Kiwi plays a game of some sort! As a result NZ holds a range of International events every year.

It’s warmer in Summer! NZ is cycle mad! Even more popular these days since NZ has geared up with Cycle Ways that the Country.

All year round. Tasty, fresh, delicious. NZ spreads their culinary flare with a programme of vibrant festivals every year.

All year round. It doesn’t stop at sport! immerse yourself among NZ’s culture and creative thinking. You wont be disappointed.

Hire your Motorbike now and explore New Zealand and all its beauties!