With an abundance of amazing places to go and things to see travelling New Zealand, we want to assure that you come well prepared for your holiday. Sick of buying lengthy and boring Guides or just want a quick input?

In this section we prepared some basic information on the “Kiwi”-country New Zealand. So what is our country all about?

First, it is a very small Island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean (and is not part of Australia!). Therefore, there is more than a culture to explore and so many different people to meet! Second, not only its natural and untouched beauty but also its rare animal and plant species make New Zealand worth a visit. Nevertheless, travelling New Zealand can be very different to other, especially European countries.

As New Zealand has a low population density there are many remote country roads. Therefore, your tour can take much longer than anticipated. Meaning, you have to plan your trip and choose the right itinerary. You might want to catch the perfect time to travel NZ and know about all the amazing places you can visit, right? Here we come into play.

That is why we put together a number of “Guides for travelling NZ” to make your journey unique and unforgettable. Below you can find out about driving rules, the best time to travel, and tips on what to bring!

Guides for travelling New Zealand

Best time to travel

Check out NZ's seasons and discover the best time to travel.

Major NZ Events

New Zealand hosts world-class events from motorcycle events, sports to cultural to food. Check them out.

Accommodation in New Zealand

New Zealand’s accommodation options are numerous and there’s somewhere to stay to suit every travellers preference and budget. Read more about it here.

Visa and Tips

Find out information on travelling around New Zealand, including fuel costs, currency and distances between key locations.

Ride Safe In New Zealand

Read through New Zealand's road rules to ensure you ride safe while on tour.

Best Motorcycle Touring Routes

You will find a variety of awesome landscapes in New Zealand including rolling hills, glacial feed braided rivers and our grand traverse Southern Alps. Where are the best riding routes?

What To Bring

We have put together a list of the essential items you should bring on your tour.

Maori Culture

Experiencing New Zealand's unique Maori Culture is a 'must do' on your Motorcycle holiday.

Planning the itinerary for Your motorcycle tour through New Zealand can sometimes be annoying. Why not let Us help You? Our team not only provides You with local knowledge but most importantly offers to help with the booking and choosing the right accommodation. Visit our Tours Website for more information!

Touring New Zealand on a Motorcycle

Learn about riding in NZ and select your favourite Motorcycle