About NZ Motorbikes

NZ Motorbikes is a Motorcycle Tour and Rental Company based in Rolleston, New Zealand. The company was established by Volkmar Wollenweber, who had a dream of running a motorcycle tour company for many years. Finally, his dream became a reality in June 2016. Run by a small team of passionate motorcycle riders with years of experience riding New Zealand roads, your expectations are in good hands. Moreover, our first-class administrators behind the scenes dedicate their work to pull together the most amazing routes and design the perfect tour for you. But why choose us? What specialties do we offer? Well, as a matter of fact: we care especially about our customer’s health and safety. Therefore, we provide you with everything necessary so that you cannot go short whilst touring this most thriving country.

What NZ Motorbikes offers

With depots located in Christchurch and Auckland not only do we offer Motorcycle Rental but also focus on Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours and Customised Tours.

About our Owners

Motorcycle Tour Guide - Volkmar Wollenweber

Volkmar Wollenweber


Volkmar, born and bred in Germany, is full of life, has a passion for Tourism, helping people and is driven by adventure! Having owned and operated a number of high growth tourism businesses in Bavaria, Germany and New Zealand, obviously, he is the perfect leader to sit at the realm of NZ Motorbikes.

However, in 2004 Volkmar, his wife Heike and son Steven established their lives in New Zealand and have not looked back.

Soon after, they established Tourism and Travel Ltd – a Campervan Rental Company of 240 campers and NZ Motorbikes.

Volkmar is an enthusiastic rider and spends his spare time flying his plane or riding his motorbike.

John Scott


John is a New Zealander through and through. Growing up Central Otago on a sheep farm, he learned how to get his hands dirty by putting in the hard yards! Today he owns and operates a very successful construction company in Christchurch, employing 65 people.

Despite this huge responsibility, he has been involved with NZ Motorbikes since its conception and enjoys the excitement of the Tourism Industry.

He mainly spends his spare time with his family, but also loves flying his plane and riding his motorcycle!

The NZ Motorbikes Team

Kerilee Scott


Kerilee is married to John and behind the scene ‘calls the shots’.

Being our chief administrator, Kerilee ensures our systems, processes and day to day operations runs smoothly. She enjoys time with her 3 boys and keeping fit.